GI Earthing Electrode

Each and every building needs earthing which is important in any electrical installation to give safety, Omni is biggest manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive ranges of best quality electrical earthing electrode.
It include low electrical resistance for high quality, ability to dissipate high fault current repeatedly and good corrosion resistance.

Product Attributes:

Highly reliable for safety of human life
High load carrying capacity
Maintain low resistance value

Copper Bonded Rods

Copper bonded rods

Omni Enterprises offer  Copper Bonded Rods  that eliminate electrolytic action. Also effectively reduce the chances of corrosion. We use the high grade components to fabrication of this products therefor it ensure their optimum performance. These products are available at the most affordable rates for our customers. Copper we use is high grade and high in quality.

Copper Cladded Rods

State of the art producing method helps guarantee uniform plating thickness
Minimum durability of eighty thousand psi and straightness tolerance of .010″ per linear foot
The advanced automatic electroplating production lines and four (4) dimensional continuous speed electroplating processes make sure the uniform coating and stable performance of the planet rods.

“Accelerate corrosion experiment” area unit carried by China authority department with completely different soil sorts, and therefore the service lifetime of Anchor earth rods/ground rods area unit established quite forty years.
The manufacturing plant science lab is provided with advanced analytical instruments to research and check dozens of technical parameters throughout the plating production method.

Backfill Compound

Omni Enterprises is the manufacturers and suppliers of chemical Earthing Compound that has been made in order to live up to the expectations of the clients when it comes to filling quality powder. They are quality tested before their dispersal and have immense functional values. Our grounding compound (back fill compounds) are well maintained and are made under the supreme supervision of superiors. We adhere to all the norms such as the prices, which are estimated in a pocket friendly manner.

Copper Earthing Electrode

Copper Electrode are the ideal driven earth electrodes, as they offer the installer an economical and efficient earth Electrod grounding system. thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action.

Copper earthling electrode are the most commonly  used earthling  for neutral. We Prepare pure copper earthling with” pipe in pipe” & “pipe in strip” technology .the electrodes are duly filled with ccm compounds to despite the current head to ground. Faster and throughout .

ESE Lightning Protection

A Lightning Protection may be a device used on power systems and telecommunications systems to safeguard the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning. the standard spike suppressor has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal.

The basic purpose of the ESE Lightning Protection is to supply ionization directed at the cloud in order that the electrical charge within the lightning strike is channeled from the terribly starting. It consists of emitting AN ascending electrical unloading to influence the result of the descendant tracer.

Surge Protection Devices

A lightning or surge protection device that diverts some of the energy from a lightning strike to earth, employing a web site grounding system. additional advanced lightning protection systems conjointly dissipates electrical charges from the building, lowering the prospect of experiencing a lightning strike. A lightning strike doesn’t really want to strike the instrumentality or building wherever a PV system is put in to cause injury. A strike on or concerning the electrical grid will induce voltage spikes which will injury instrumentality.

What is earthing ?

In a mains electricity (AC power) wiring installation, the ground is a wire with an electrical connection to earth. By connecting the cases of electrical equipment to earth, any insulation failure will result in current flowing to ground that would otherwise energize the case of the equipment. A proper bonding to earth will result in the circuit overcurrent protection operating to de-energize the faulty circuit.

Earthing Electrode Technical Data

Models Electrode Diameter(MM) Length Internal Stripe Size(MM) Connection Terminal Hole Dia(MM) M.O.C Compound Filled
OME-402 40  2000 25*04  10*02  GI/Copper  Yes
OME-403  40  3000  25*04  10*02  GI/Copper  Yes
OME-502 50  2000  32*04  12*02  GI/Copper  Yes
 OME-503 50  3000  32*04  12*02  GI/Copper  Yes
 OME-802 80  2000 50*06  14*02  GI/Copper  Yes
 OME-803  80 3000  50*06 14*02 GI/Copper  Yes
 OME-CCE-232  23  3000 50*06  14*02 CCE  Yes