Power Distribution Boards

Power Distribution Boards

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What is Power Distribution Boards and it’s use ?

A Power distribution boards or electrical panel could be a element of associate electricity provide system that divides associate power feed into subsidiary circuits, whereas providing a protecting fuse OR gate breaker for every circuit during a common enclosure. Normally, a main switch, and in recent boards, one or additional residual-current devices or residual current breakers with over current protection, also are incorporated.


  • Useful in industrial and industrial electrical networking
  • Effective electrical exchange operation
  • Heavy duty
  • High quality products used

Process of Manufacture

The distribution boards are sheet made-up enclosures open, semi-closed or all fencelike kind
which provide and management, electric power to distribution systems. Provision for indicating the
parameters like voltage, current frequency per unit are going to be mirrored on the face of the board. Regulation
of the power offer is accessible through switches and MCB’s and fault protection through the employment of
different relays.

The sheet enclosure for the control board is meant and made-up within the unit. The parts
and accessories square measure bought out from the market and fitted as designed within the board. The circuit as per the
design is ordered out and therefore the board is tested for correct functioning as per relevant standards.
In brief the producing method consists of:
i) Establishing the necessity and consequently coming up with circuit diagram.
ii) Marking
ii) Fabricating the Distribution Board – Marking, cutting, and bending of sheet, fastening and Grinding
and holing.
iv) Fixing the joint clips
v) Fixing the frame of battons
vi) Wiring per circuit diagram
vii) Fitting and connecting components/ accessories
viii) Testing as per relevant specifications/ standards.

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