Motor control center | MCC panel manufacturing and installation

We manufacturing MCC panel and install with best service. Our engineers & operators ar extremely trained and skilled .We ar 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction, and aim to deliver solutions to satisfy all client automation and control panel needs on time and on budget, from style to completion. We have manufactured range of Panels in last few years of assorted size and styles and inspection underneath varied consultants. We manufacture MCC panel at Yamunanagar and install all over north India. MCC panel at Haryana, Punjab, Himachal pradesh, Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan ect.

Why we use MCC ?

In many industrial and commercial applications, only few electric motors are required. We need to control all the motors form a central location. Now for this functionality motor control center (MCC)is used.
MCC is a groupings of combination starters in one assembly.

Advantages of MCC panels

• Reduced time needed for installation and startup
• Space saving design
• Excellent component selection
• Simplicity in adding special components
• Ease of future modifications


All the metal parts are coated thorough chemical treatment for anti-rust and epoxy powder. High quality cables are used in each block, each Terminal block is provided with the identification markers & feeder designation sticker. Our team never compromise with quality, switches and wires used in panels are very good in quality.

Telecommunication Towers & Microwave antennas
Transmission & Distribution System
Bank, ATM, Hospitals, Railway, Airport, Military, and Defense Installations
Substations & Power Generators
Lightening Arrestor Earthing
Computer & Data Processing Centers
Transformer Neutral Earthing
Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries
Heavy Industries
Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants
Oil Refineries & Pump Stations
Data centers, telecom, and broadcasters Process control and automation
Remote & Central Office Digital Switches
Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities