Control & Relay panels

Control & relay panels are designed to supply to control the associated line or electrical device through outside switchgear at varied 11KV and 33KV zonal substations. … These panels are used for the control & observation of electrical equipments like transformers, generators logic gate breakers

Features :

  • Complete protection of electrical device or feeder
  • Alarm & Annunciation options
  • Simplex Construction
  • Multiple Construction alternative
  • Also obtainable with Communicable Relays
  • Multiple theme configurations in a very Single panel
  • Compact Size
  • Tested by CPRI
  • Vendor Approved from government Utilities

Panel description, construction and formation

a) The management and relay board panels for 400KV system shall be duplex/simplex kind (as applicable as per Bus configuration) thus on accommodate all the management instrumentation, breaker relays, meters etc. excepting the protecting relays and its aux. relays/accessories as necessary for completeness of the protection/control theme while not overcrowding and cramping. Separate protection panels of simplex kind (minimum a pair of nos) shall be provided for accommodating the protecting relays and its aux. relays/accessories PRN to meet the scheme demand.

b) The management and relay board panel for 220KV system and 132KV system shall even be duplex type for accommodating all relays and aux. Relays for defense of various circuit on with management instrumentation, meters etc. as necessary for completeness of the protection/control theme while not overcrowding and cramping. However, the 33KV C&R board panels shall be simplex kind for accommodating all the management, protection and metering instrumentation properly.

c) Size of individual panel shall be as declared below :.
There shall be a passageway of 762 metric linear unit wide and access doors of 1900 metric linear unit height with latch at two ends of duplex panel board for scrutiny. The door with door frame shall be clastic type so a similar may be fitted to fresh erected panel of comparable style if any new C&R panel is adscititious. The entrance for the simplex sort panel shall be at the rear aspect and of 1900 metric linear unit height.
d) The front and rear elements of duplex sort Control & Relay panels shall be clastic and every one lay to rest connection between front and rear panels shall be through terminal connection and ideally underneath the highest cowl. The interconnection between the simplex sort management and relay panel and duplex sort various C&R panels wherever applicable are going to be created through cables to be ordered within the cable trenches below those panels.

e) entire panel shall incorporate all necessary instruments, meters, relays, auxiliary relays, management switches, indicating lamps, mimic, annunciators, sonic alarms, horizontal and vertical wiring

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