Bus Ducts

Bus duct could be a duct as well as either copper or metallic element bus for the aim of conducting a considerable current. another suggests that of conducting wattage from electrical device or metric weight unit set to LT panels. The bus ducts, that we offer, exhibit glorious resistance to wear and tear.

Features and advantages

(1) Insulation
Seamless coating with thickness a minimum of one.5 millimeter to forestall infiltration of water and wet provides high quality insulation electrically and automatically.
(2) Compact and light-weight weight
Totally isolated and compact size of ducts change the saving of the ability area, which might lead economical design bearing compact and light-weight.
(3) Low fall or drop voltage
The fall is extremely low as a result of the short distance between isolated conductors causes low electrical phenomenon.
(4) High short time current capability
The mechanical strength to beat the attraction between conductors permits the upper short time current capability than that of standards, JIS and KS.
(5) Easy installation and maintenance
Small, light-weight and one-touch joint system permits straightforward installation. No bolt affiliation needed aside from the standard affiliation. it is also safe as a result of all conductors square measure insulated.
(6) Temperature rise
The temperature rise shall be created uniformly in spite of the bus duct arrangement – horizontal, vertical, flat and edgy- thanks to no convection within.
(7) Safe from fireplace
It don’t cause the hearth and guarantee safety just in case of fireside attributable to the structure and therefore the insulation material that is flameproof.
(8) No noise
Solid structure doesn’t build any noise that will happen by the vibration thanks to current flow
(9) No influence of induction
Conductors square measure contacted along closely with correct insulation. so the discharge of the magnetic flux is too tiny to possess influnece on communication system

Application Of Bus duct

  • In wattage Distribution a bus duct additionally referred to as bus means.
  • Bus duct is employed for the effective and reliable offer in electricity for industrial locations.
  • In alternative words, bus means system is a good methodology of distributing power from switch gear to hundreds.
  • Aluminum (Hindalco) and Electrolytic Copper metals square measure used as physical phenomenon metals for the bus bars.
  • Up to 3-meter long bus duct will be factory-made in one piece.
  • CRCA sheet is employed to manufacture the flat solid box for bus ducts
  • Proper ventilation slots square measure provided on high and sides of the bus ducts.
  • Proper spacing is provided between the part bus bars.

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